Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Disk

Know how to restore damaged hard disk data!

From the time you own your computer or laptop hard drive, it’s performance goes slow with the time. As it is a fact that electronic devices get slower after regular use and their maintenance is necessary, hard drive is also not different from other devices. It’s durability and performance totally depend on you. If you are performing regular maintenance and use hard drive carefully, it will be better for years and you will not face any issue. But most of the users are habitual of doing mistakes and careless on handling these storage devices. Often they underestimate small issues that occur while working on computer and finally get into such crisis.

For example, it is known to all that computer should be shut down properly after terminating all programs but oftentimes, user s turn off computer/laptop suddenly while the read / write operation is going on. Since hard drive is in use, abrupt computer turn off may result in damaged or corrupted hard disk and data saved over the drive becomes inaccessible. After running into such stage, many users format the disk to make it usable again but lose entire valuable data. If you also have formatted hard drive, take advantage of third party software to retrieve data from quick formatted hard disk.

Actually there is header that works on sectors when data is being read or written on hard drive. As the system is turned off suddenly, hard disk stops spinning and header gets down to center and such unexpected change in functionality can result in scratches on hard disk. After the hard disk is scratched, it may be inaccessible and header cannot read data from disk platter. In the hard disk, magnetic surface of each platter is divided into small magnetic regions. If this regions are corrupted, binary information saved over platters become inaccessible and system fails to perform read / write operation over that specific area on hard disk. Even after such drastic damage, user can restore HDD data by utilizing efficient Data disk recovery application.

Try this best solution to perform data recovery from damaged hard disk!

After the hard disk is damaged or inaccessible, users are suggested to initiate recovery operation as soon as possible. With the aid of advanced Data Disk Recovery application, users get easy and secure technology to perform damaged hard drive data recovery. User can launch this prominent app on all latest versions of Windows and Macintosh computers. It deals all problems that restrict users to access data on kinds of hard disks such as SATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE etc. Additionally, user has option to restore data from formatted/re-formatted, corrupted, deleted or lost NTFS, FAT, HFSX, HFS+, ExFAT hard drive partitions. User can download it’s trial version for free to judge it’s performance in damaged hard drive data recovery. Mac users can refer this page to recover hard disk files on Mac OS X system.

Steps to restore damaged HDD data:

Step 1: After installing this software launch it to open main window and select "Recover Drives" option as shown in figure 1.

Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Disk - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, select the hard drive among the various listed drives and click on "Next" option to start recovery as shown in figure 2.

Recover Damaged HDD Data - Select Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: After scanning is completed, software shows recovered data. User can save the recovery session of the scanning process as shown in figure 3.

Restore Data from Damaged Hard Disk - Save Recovery Session Option

Figure 3: Save Recovery Session Option

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