Iomega External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Best tool to recover data from Iomega external HDD

Hard drive is an essential component of computer and laptop on which it saves entire data. Whatever information we save on our system hard drive is not safe since mistakes are usual while performing operation on computer hard drive. That is why external hard drives are now in trend to store important data as backup. When it comes about external HDDS, Iomega external disks are very popular among computer professionals and home users because of their durability, high speed data transfer rate, great storage capacity and other exclusive features. Although it is one of the most preferred external storage device but likelihoods of data loss are not completely vanished. Like others you should also be aware of many data loss factors which may result in inaccessibility of external HDD or deletion of files from it. Unfortunately if you are running into such crisis, take advantage of this information to achieve successful Iomega external hard disk recovery.

Obviously Iomega external HDD is very easy to handle for carrying and transporting data but as it is easily shared and most of users often do common mistakes while using external hard disk, data store on it is not safe completely. Data loss calamity can take place because of various reasons. Users often format Iomega external hard disk and lose valuable data within a fraction of time. Later they left shocked after losing crucial photos, videos, documents and other files especially when they come to know about unavailability of backup. At such moment, Data Disk recovery tool helps a lot them to restore formatted disk data. So, if you also lost your valuable data after format, start Iomega external hard disk data recovery with this tool.

In certain situations, due to corruption of file system or after formation of bad sectors on external hard drive, it does not mount properly and you left inaccessible drive. Ejecting external hard drive from computers while data operations are going on could easily result in scratches over spinning plates on hard drive or sometime it’s read / write header may become damaged. Often such state is termed as dead external hard drive. However, by utilizing efficient application, one can easily perform Iomega external hard disk data recovery after header crash, file system corruption or other errors within a couple of minutes. User can visit at to get more details about causes behind hard disk damage and it’s permanent solution.

Data Disk recovery application is a powerful program to restore Iomega external hard drive data. It recovers data from damaged, inaccessible, formatted or corrupted external storage drives like external HDD, USB memory stick, USB flash drive, USB thumb drive, USB pen drives etc. This tool is strongly capable to launch Iomega external hard disk data recovery with different hard drive interfaces such as PATA, IDE, SATA, SCSI etc. With this tool, you can restore hard drive partitions which usually formatted with NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32, HFSX file systems. Mac user can visit at to learn how to restore files on Mac computers with this app.

Steps to restore Iomega external hard disk:

Step 1: Connect Iomega external HDD to your computer and launch software to get main screen. Select "Recover Drives" option as shown in fig A.

Iomega External Hard Disk Data Recovery - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, select the Iomega external HDD from list of logical drives as shown in fig B.

Recover Iomega External Hard Disk Data - Select External HDD

Fig B: Select External HDD

Step 3: After scanning is completed, recovered files from Iomega external hard disk can be viewed in "Data Type" view as shown in fig C.

Restore Iomega External Hard Disk Data - Restored Data

Fig C: Restored Data

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