HDD Data Rescue

Looking to perform HDD Data Rescue?

It happened far more often than you have ever imagined!! The hard disk drive of your computer is unable to boot the day before you have to submit your work. You got an error message popping on your monitor screen like "Invalid partition table". Nothing can be more frustrating than this in such situation!! You would have been lucky, if you had taken recent backup files of the hard drive files as it may help you in HDD data rescue. If not, now what to do?? You don’t even take a backup of the hard disk data!! Don’t lose your patience!! You can still get back the data from inaccessible computer hard drive even though you don’t have a backup. HDD Data Rescue can happen by using appropriate Tool. This effective application is capable enough to deal with almost all kinds of hard drive related issues and resolve them.

How data is lost from HDD?

Human Errors: Common human errors like deleting some important files  from the hard drive accidentally pressing "Shift + Del" keys on computer, emptying the Recycle Bin or Trash unintentionally, choosing a wrong partition to format etc.

Bad Sector: Bad sectors on the hard disk may be aroused due to scratches on disk, continuous shock or vibration created by the head of the hard drive on the platter. Bad sectors can affect the important files stored on the hard drive as they increase the hard drive crash chances and decrease the life span of the hard disk.

Re-partitioning: Hard drive can be corrupted or damaged due to improper re-partitioning or resizing of the hard disk partition. The reason may be corruption in the logical disk structure, improper software installation, operating system malfunction etc.

Formatting: Data can be also be lost when you format the drive accidentally. Any error encountered while formatting the hard disk may corrupt the data leading to data loss. The interruption may occur due to power fluctuation, accidental system shut down, software failure etc. If you format hard drive on Mac system, follow this link for easy data recovery: www.datadiskrecovery.org/accidentally-formatted-mac-hard-drive.html.

Hard drive Crash: Sometimes, the hard drive may crash due to operating system malfunction, software crash, cross-linked files, corrupted file system, improper shutdown, reformatted hard drive etc. In such cases even if the OS runs properly, the hard drive data remain inaccessible leading to data loss.

To perform HDD data rescue operation, you need to make sure that the affected hard drive should not be used after damage or corruption to avoid permanent data loss. The hard drive should not be reformatted or repartitioned after data loss. to achieve perfect HDD data rescue operation, you should install the hard drive recovery tool on any other healthy drive and just connect the affected hard drive to it during process.

This tool is one of the best available software to restore SATA hard drive data lost due to any data loss scenario. The software can easily find external hard drive corrupted partitions after improper usage or viral attacks. If the hard drive data is inaccessible due to bad sectors, then also this tool can help you out in such conditions and also easily rescue formatted drive. It can retrieve had drive of various brands within few clicks. The main attraction of this tool is, its compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating system, which is dealt in detail at http://www.datadiskrecovery.org/find-files-on-mac.html.

Note: Visit at http://www.datadiskrecovery.org/iomega-external-hard.html to explore the best possible way to perform Iomega external hard disk data recovery in few easy steps.

Steps to undelete hard drive data:

Step 1:Step 1: Download the software and select "Recover Drives" on the main screen as shown in figure 1.

HDD Data Rescue - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the hard drive partition among the various listed drives then click "Next" as shown in figure 2.

Recover HDD Data - Select Hard Drive Partition

Figure 2: Select Hard Drive Partition

Step 3: You can save the recovery session of the scanning process as shown in figure 3.

Restore HDD Data - Save Recovery Session

Figure 3: Save Recovery Session

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